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about us

  "Autumn Rain 11th" was founded in 2008 to portray the appearance and variability of "natural" as the brand purpose and design trend. And through the production of cultural handicrafts such as metalworking tea props, incense props and floral utensils, the "beauty", "feel" and "freshness" are injected into life, and the public's knowledge and understanding of gold work products are expanded.

Autumn rains 11 were established in 2008, the inspiration of originality comes from the natural appearance and variability. Passing the beauty /tactile /freshness into daily life, by developing of tea ceremony, incense ceremony, and floral vase related metal crafts.

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about CARE


Materials used  MATERIAL

   The so-called "metalworking" refers to the processing of metal materials such as gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, etc., and 70% of the creation of Qiuyu 11 uses "pure tin" as the main creative medium.

, And matched with cupronickel, copper, brass, gold leaf

      , Silver, iron and other metal media

      ,  As well as wood, bamboo, rattan,

         Composite media such as jade

         Carry out creation.

​        And for the "tin" material

    Portion, which is second only to white, gold and silver, a fourth expensive metal, and

, The studio insists on using more than 99.97% pure tin for production, and no other harmful substances are added to ensure the quality and safety of the work, so that consumers can not only enjoy the appreciation, but also achieve peace of mind and health in use. .

about pure tin 

"Tin" has the characteristics of absorbing impurities to purify water, and does not produce peculiar smell and does not rust. For water, tea, flowers, wine vessels, etc., it has the following characteristics: 



Tin molecules have the effect of absorbing impurities and purifying water quality. Therefore, in ancient China, tin blocks were sunk to the bottom of wells to eliminate odors. Now they are used on the inside of food cans.



Tinware with excellent craftsmanship, it can isolate temperature and humidity, and has the best airtightness. It is the best container for Tibetan tea.



Tin has a high-performance ionic effect, water is not easy to be sticky, and flower arrangement can make the flowers lasting and vigorous.



Using tin for wine can eliminate the miscellaneous flavors in the wine and make the wine fragrant and flavorful.

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